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The Limbalance Resistance Trainer

The Limbalance Resistance Trainer


Designed for all levels, the LRT affixes weight resistance to the user's arm, working out the upper body and addressing muscle misalignment across the body.


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    Strengthen your upper body

    We understand how frustrating weight training can be when you have an upper limb difference or grip issue.

    The Limbalance Resistance Trainer has been designed to change this, enabling users to lift weight and activate muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core. 

    Understand the need for our LRT product and learn more about the common postural and muscle imbalance issues that affect people with an upper limb difference and problems when living with a grip issue.

    Suitable for amputees and those with wrist and hand issues

    The LRT helps to create strong and stable shoulders, build muscle and body confidence. We offer a gloved version for those with a limb difference, and a sleeve version for people with hand or wrist issue. Pack it up wherever you go. 


    Using cables at the gym

    About the LRT


    Designed for all levels, the Limbalance Resistance Trainer (Pat.Pend) affixes weight resistance to the arm to create strong and stable shoulders, and can be used to address the common muscle misalignment and postural problems experienced when living with one hand.

    The LRT also allows the user to attach weight to the lowest part of the arm to activate hard to reach muscles in your bicep and tricep. 

    The LRT is made to measure, and offers elasticated compression around the arm.

    The LRT features two connector loops positioned at the end of the arm that fixes our real leather lifting strap in place. Attached to the leather lifting strap is a strong stainless steel carabiner to connect to your weight system.

    The LRT:

    - Sets up in seconds
    - Packs light, goes anywhere
    - Is hand washable

    Where can it be used?

    It can be used at home with resistance bands, or connect to a dual pulley cables at the gym for a more robust workout.

    Which LRT is right for me?

    Type A (Above elbow)

    - Suitable for:

    Above elbow amputees. Ideally you will need 105mm from your arm pit to the end of your arm.

    - Muscles you'll be able to activate: 

    Shoulders and upper back. 

    Type B (Below elbow)

    - Suitable for:

    Below elbow amputees.

    - Muscles you'll be able to activate:

    If you have at least 70-80mm of forearm below the elbow (measured from the inner elbow), you will be able to activate your bicep and tricep muscles, as well as your, shoulders, upper back and core.

    If you have less than 70mm below the elbow, it will be more difficult for you to activate your bicep and tricep muscles, but you will be able to build your shoulders,back and core.

    Type C (Grip issues, cleft hand)

    - Suitable for:

    This type is a open ended sleeve version of the LRT, suitable for people with grip issues or a cleft hand. 

    - Muscles you'll be able to activate:

    You will be able to activate your bicep and tricep muscles, as well as your, shoulders, upper back and core.

    Type D (Wrist amputation)

    - Suitable for:

    Amputees at the wrist.

    - Muscles you'll be able to activate:

    You will be able to activate your bicep and tricep muscles, as well as your, shoulders, upper back and core. 

    What's included

    * Your selected LRT 

    * A Limbalance real, quality leather lifting strap
    * Five resistance bands with carabiner clips (10,15,20,25,30 lbs)
    * Weighted door anchor
    * Arm cuff

    Can I buy LRT's for my gym or health club?

    Yes! The LRT is a great way to make your gym more inclusive and welcoming for all types of people.

    We can provide your space with a version of each LRT which you can show to interested members. Your member can then supply their size information to order their own LRT.

    Your gym can choose to buy the LRT for the member at a reduced price or the member can purchase it and receive a discount if you're already a stockist of our products. Your gym can also make a commission for every sale made.

    Increse Recruitment and Retentenion

    We so often hear from people with an upper limb difference that they downgrade gym memberships, simply because most of the kit available isn't suitable for them. Our low cost fitness products are a win-win, as not only can they help you retain and recruit new members, but they will also result in your member having a more effective exercise experience.

    We can also provide your staff with online access to science based fitness workouts so they can better support your members with an upper limb difference, particularly when using weights for the first time. Learn more about working with us here.

    • Limbalance training


    • Build muscle with stretching bands

      Strengthen and Stabilise

    • Limbalance Resistance Trainer


    • "My left shoulder and arm used to be weak and small, and visibly smaller than my right side. Thank to the LRT, my shoulders are now strong and my arm is much more toned. I feel so more confident and proud of my body."

      Claire Given, CEO & Founder at Limbalance

    • "It has been amazing to see my client use the LRT to build muscle more equally across their body. We've been increasing the weight resistance using cables week on week, and it's great to see the improved flexibility and strength!"

      Anna Rickett, Personal Trainer

    • "The LRT allows people to do both isometric exercises, useful for strengthening and stabilizing the muscles, as well as isotonic exercises, building muscle via a full range of movement."

      Joseph O'Connor. Principal physiotherapist at Forge Physio

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