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Our vision is a world where people with an upper limb difference feel healthy, confident, and strong on both sides of their upper body.

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Our products are for everyone

Our simplified approach to training is based on balance. Whether it’s achieving balance across the arms to do yoga, or building muscle equally across the upper body. Our products are particularly useful for people with reach or grip issues.

Build muscle with stretching bands

Simple and effective

We make products for people with above and below elbow amputation, cleft hand, and upper peripheral nerve injuries, as well as other grip issues.

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We're a Community

Limbalance is more than just products and workouts, it's about bringing the community from around the world together via our innovative digital platform. We are in this to share, motivate, and inspire each other. 

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Working with businesses

By working with us, you can make your space more inclusive and attract a more diverse range of clients.

Our simple and affortable fitness products enhance gyms, colleges, rehab centres, the military service and first responders units.

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We believe visual content should be reflective as society as a whole. We help brands create more inclusive content and more accurately represent society in a powerful and engaging way.

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