Problems with grip

Grip issue Limbalance solution

Grip issues

Globally, over 20 million people live with grip issues due to hand or wrist injuries each year. This often results in an imbalance in the body as only one hand can be used for a time, while they are dealing with the injury.

Our products

Reduced gains and muscular imbalance

It’s often very frustrating for people who care about their health and fitness to not be able to work out their upper body during their rehabilitation, as they don't wish to lose muscle mass.

The Limbalance solution

We offer a sleeve version of the LRT which is suitable for those who have suffered an injury to their hand or wrist, as well as those born with hand and wrist problems at birth.


Use at home or the gym

The LRT Sleeve can be used with a dual pulley weight system at the gym or with resistance bands at home.

Limbalance Resistance Trainer

The LRT: Sleeve version

The LRT sleeve allows the user to affix the weight to the forearm securely, and match the weight position on the other arm, to ensure a balanced and effective workout.

The sleeve version can be used during the period of rehabilitation. It is designed to be worn above a cast or splint on the forearm (close to the elbow), allowing the user to lift weights without putting pressure on the wrist or hand.