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    Those with an upper limb difference need to activate and re-educate the muscles in the body that have been neglected, to live a life without discomfort and to reduce more serious problems later in life.

    Most fitness clubs provide inadequate kit for people with an upper limb difference to build and strengthen their upper body. Our goal is to change this.

    Our simple and affordable products and workouts provide the solution. We share the tools and knowledge needed for amputees to workout their upper body safely and effectively.

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Increase recruitment and retention

By working with us, will attract a more diverse audience and empower them to get more out of their exercise experience.

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By working with us, not only will your clients get fitter and stronger, but with every Limbalance order you make, your business can make a commission.

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Your company will also receive access to our innovative digital platform so your staff can access help and support from our expert team every step of the way.

"Our team provides the products, knowledge and support to deliver an incredible experience for your staff and your members."

Claire Given, CEO & Founder at Limbalance

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