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Stretching band

Stretching band

Stretching bands enable amputees to stretch the leg muscles when the foot is difficult to reach, correcting posture and improving flexibility.

The user can easily place their arm through the loop to hold the floor on their smaller side, rather than having to reach across their body. 


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    Limbalance Balance Cube training

    Better Balance

    The bands have a loop design ensure there is ample room for the foot and the resistance can vary depending on the loop chosen, and it can be doubled up for a much greater resistance.

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    Hold steady and stretch

    The bands help to improve posture when stretching, and improves flexibility. Stretching bands are a great solution for stretching out the hamstrings, and for learning yoga poses like dancer pose.


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    Who is it suitable for?

    Stretching bands can be useful for people with a limb difference that finishes below the elbow. Ideally, you will need approximately 60mm of forearm below your elbow (from inner elbow) to be able to use the bands effectively.

    They can also be used by people with grip issues. The hand can be put through the stretching band loop, taking the pressure off the hand.

    • Limbalance Balance Cube

      Balance cube

      The balance cube (Pat.Pend) is specially made to match the size of your missing forearm, allowing you to achieve equal balance across both arms when doing floor based exercises.

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    • Limbalance Resistance Trainer

      Limbalance Resistance Trainer

      Build muscles in your arms, shoulders, back and core. Pack it up whereever you go.

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    • Limbalance Stretching bands

      Stretching bands

      Stretch your muscles, even when they are difficult to reach.

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