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Balance Cube

Balance Cube

The balance cube (Pat.Pend) is specially made to match the size of the user's missing forearm to achieve equal balance across both arms when doing floor exercises.

By powering through both arms, rather than just one, it allows the user to get involved in exercises that they may have previously avoided because they were awkward or difficult to do.


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    Level up your fitness and flexibility with the Balance Cube

    Tested by top athletes and yogis, the Balance Cube is durable and designed to meet the demands of high-volume training.

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    About the Balance Cube


    It has a high density foam base is strong and able to withstand a high body weight, with a lower density top, which is soft and comfortable on the arm.

    It's lightweight so it's easy to move around, making it the perfect partner for the next yoga or body balance class. It also has a helpful target etched to the top face for improved positioning and stability while exercising.

    It is also water resistant and non-absorbent, so it can be wiped clean easily.

    Where can it be used?

    The balance cube can be used at home, the gym, outdoors - anywhere where there is a flat, even surface.

    Is it suitable for me?

    The balance cube is suitable for:

    People with a below elbow amputation. The more forearm you have beneath your elbow the better you can use the product. If you have 60mm or more, you will be able to use the product.

    Important notice: If your limb difference is because a surgical amputation, you will need to wait until your arm is fully healed before using the balance cube.

    The balance cube is not suitable for:

    Those with an above elbow or wrist amputation, or those with a cleft hand or grip issues.

    Do you offer a child's version?

    We currently only make balance cubes for adults, but we are looking into releasing sizes suitable for children soon. Please register and and we'll be sure to let you know when we launch a range for children.

    Can I buy some Balance Cubes for my gym or healthclub?

    Absolutely! The Balance Cube is a great way to make your gym more inclusive and welcoming for all types of people.

    We can provide you with a range of sizes to meet the size needs of existing clients, and attract new ones.

    We so often hear from people with an upper limb difference that they downgrade gym memberships, simply because most of the kit available isn't suitable for them.

    Our low cost fitness products are a win-win, as not only can they help you retain and recruit new members, but they will also result in your member having a more rewarding and effective exercise experience.

    Another great thing about the Balance Cube, is that able bodied people can also benefit from them. We have many people who choose to use them if they have flexibility issues and struggle to reach the ground.

    We can also provide your staff with online access to science based fitness workouts so they can better support members with an upper limb difference. Learn more about working with us here.

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    • "I have been using my balance cube for yoga and I'm already seeing the benefits!"

      Clare Cunningham, Head of Athletic Services, GB Paralympic Team

    • "Since I invented the Balance Cube, it's opened up a whole new world of exercise classes and training. I absolutely love it."

      Claire Given, CEO at Limbalance

    • "Seeing people use the Balance Cube in our gym and exercise classes has been ace. It's attracted more people with reach issues to participate in our training sessions. It's a great bit of kit."

      Natalie Darnel, Fitness Manager

    CEO and Founder describes what it was like doing yoga for the first time with the Balance Cube

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