Living with an upper limb difference

Limbalance products offer the exercise solution to people living with an upper limb difference.

The need for Limbalance

Globally, there are over 30 million people living with an upper limb difference. This is due to either surgical amputation or a limb difference at birth. Using one hand means one side of the body becomes stronger than the other. Over 60% of people suffer from back and shoulder pain, impacting over 18 million people worldwide.

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Muscular imbalance and postural issues

People living with an upper limb difference experience problems with balance and posture. Postural asymmetry is a particular issue, such as having reduced muscle on the side of the smaller arm. Shoulder strength and stability is also a problem, which in turn affects the rest of the body.

Upper limb amputee posture

What is most common?

Living life as an upper limb amputee, whether from birth or surgical, causes significant stress the body. The overuse of one side causes muscle misalignment, causing a lack of strength and stability, particularly in the shoulders.

Common problems observed:

1. Scapular elevation and protraction, meaning that the shoulder blade sits higher up the body and away from the rib cage.

2. Internal rotation and adduction of the shoulder joint, meaning that the arm is often turned inwards towards the body.

3. There can also be restricted neck rotation and side flexion, as well as curviture of the spine and a head forward posture (see figure 1.)

Our products

We believe in inclusivity

It's important for upper limb amputees to activate and re-educate the muscles in the body that have been neglected, to live a life without discomfort, and to reduce more serious problems later in life.

Unfortunately, most gyms and fitness clubs do not provide sufficient kit to enable people with an upper limb difference to build and strengthen their upper body.

Our goal is to change this. We want to give users, and health clubs, the tools and knowledge they need for amputees to workout their upper body safely and effectively.

Our products
Strengthen your upper body

The Limbalance solution

Our simple and effective fitness products enable you to workout their upper body and reduce muscle imbalance. Our made-to-measure, affordable products can be used at home and at the gym. Our products enable you to apply load to the end of your smaller arm, correcting postural deviations and building muscle.


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Joseph O'Connor is our principal physiotherapist at Limbalance. Having qualified with a BSc Physiotherapy Hons in 1999 he has over 20 years of clinical experience in a variety of fields, including professional sport.

Joseph treats a mixed caseload of patients and has the clinical experience to deal with a wide variety of problems, from post-amputation advice to high level competitive sport.

Joseph understands our products and how they can be used effectively to build strength and correct postural issues.

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