Paralympic Champion Reviews the Limbalance Resistance Trainer

Clare Cunningham is a Paralympic champion with a string of gold and silver medals to her name. Clare was born with one hand and keeping fit and healthy is in her DNA. She is an avid cyclist and runner and is always looking for new approaches to improve her workout routine.

Today, Clare shares her review of the Limbalance Resistance Trainer, which allows people with an upper limb difference or grip issue to work out their upper body and core, and address muscle imbalance across the body.

About Clare

It’s fair to say that athleticism is in Clare’s blood. She started competing in adaptive sports at the age of 13 as a champion Paralympic swimmer. She won four silver medals at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona and set a new world record in the 50m freestyle S9 to claim the gold.

Soon after, she was recruited by the GB Paralympic triathlon team. She competed at the first British Para-triathlon Championships in 2008, and won gold at the first-ever ITU World Championships on the Gold Coast, Australia in 2009. She has been a regular medal winner at World and European Championships since and now acts as the Head of Athletic Services for the GB Paralympic team.

Testing Limbalance Products

Clare was introduced to our mission at Limbalance in 2021. She was excited by our work, particularly our exercise products for people with an upper limb difference and our efforts to provide exercises for arm amputees. She understands that there is a great need for better exercise equipment for disabled people, and she shares our frustration with the muscle misalignment caused by living with one hand. She too struggles with muscle imbalance caused when only performing one-arm workouts. Clare kindly agreed to test our exercise products and provide her feedback.

Clare started by testing our Balance Cube, and now regularly uses it to participate in yoga. Previously she was using her prosthetic arm to participate, but she explained that it was often uncomfortable as her prosthetic arm socket was often uncomfortable as it dug into her elbow and was hard to balance on.

Clare recently progressed to test the Limbalance Resistance Trainer. She tested an earlier prototype and gave us some really useful feedback. We incorporated her observations and it has helped us to achieve the design we have today. We recently met with Clare to demo the latest product design and we are delighted to share her review with you today.

Limbalance is not just for elite athletes in adaptive sports

Our products may have been tested by the best, but they are made for everyone - no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Our exercise products offer a solution for all people with an upper limb difference or grip issue.

If you’re tired of one arm workouts and want an effective way to achieve a balanced distribution of muscle across your upper body, or if you’d like to achieve equal balance across your arms when doing floor exercises such as yoga, visit our products page. Here you will find products that will be able to help you, as well as links to our Training Club which provides exercises for arm amputees, as well as tailored workouts online.

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