Launching Limbalance

As a life-long lover of exercise, I always wanted to find a way to work out my upper body, particularly on the side of my smaller arm. I would try to hold free weights in my smaller arm at the gym, only to drop them and leave red faced and embarrassed.

I also yearned to be able to take part in exercise classes, like yoga and body balance. I tried yoga many times, clumsily adapting moves that required balance through both arms.

I often spent most of the class worrying that I was doing more harm to my body than good, because of the unequal weight distribution, as I balanced awkwardly on one hand.

I came to the conclusion that classes like these, and having a strong arm and shoulder (on my smaller side) just wasn't on the cards for me, and this is something I accepted for a long time. Until one day I started to question why? I decided it was time to make a change. I didn't want a weak arm anymore and I didn't want to live a life sitting things out. And from there, Limbalance was born.

It has been an amazing journey to get to this point and I'm very happy to now be sharing the Limbalance products with you. I hope that this is the start of a future where you can have a more satisfying and effective workout at the gym, or at home. I hope you too experience the transformational benefits that I have."

Claire Given,

CEO & Founder at Limbalance

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